Property Hints

The legal fees charged for the services of a solicitor or a conveyancer are generally overlooked by borrowers when they plan to purchase a property.

Below is a guide to the processes and legal issues you need to take into consideration when you purchase a residential property. It is advisable that all home loan borrowers who purchase a property use a solicitor or a conveyancer to help with the purchase of a property for:

  • Negotiating with a real estate agent or vendor
  • Negotiating the purchase price
  • Building Inspections
  • Understanding the purchasing contract
  • Exchanging of Contracts
  • Importance of having an unconditional finance approval
  • Payment of deposit
  • Understand stamp duty costs and payment
  • Understanding the legal costs

The detailed process of buying a property can cause high levels of frustration, uncertainty and delays so it is advisable to have a conveyancer help you through the process.