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Peer-to-peer lending: How you can leverage this space

3 May 2017

It’s a relatively new concept, but peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is certainly making waves in the finance industry at the moment. P2P lending is useful for many borrowers (and investors), so if you’re in the market for a new personal or business loan, it could be worth looking into.

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Creating a budget can help you save more or spend less

5 March 2016

This is where the education aspect of my role kicks into gear because as the old saying goes, to get ahead you have to earn more and spend less. For many the option of earning more is sometime difficult to achieve, comprehend or put into action and if you don’t know where the money goes, how can you spend less.

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Banks turn up the heat on invetsment loans

14 July 2015

In essence, the banks are looking to play their part in curbing what many believe to be an “overheated” property market, by reducing their lending ratio’s on investment loans especially in Sydney and Melbourne.

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